All refunds are based on the facts and merits of each refund request. Refunds are granted when we know 100% for sure the refund is valid. Refunds are done electronically via our account.


Radio Station Discount sells everyday products and services at a discount. We sell everything from car washes to gift certificates to restaurants, rounds of golf, tickets to the movies, house cleaning services, family fun things to do, massages at spa clinics, health and beauty aids, education courses such as electrician 101 courses, automotive products and services, and a large amount of everyday retail products. Inventory is always being added to the website.


Approximately 99.5 % of all purchases are delivered as virtual purchases that are sent to the purchaser via email then redeemed for the product or service at the particular retailer’s place of business. When a purchase is not a virtual purchase it is delivered via U.S.P.S.

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